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Feb 17, 2013

Want to click? Think again…

How many times have you received an email like the one above? Or an email from your friendly FedEx informing you that your parcel was not delivered… What about an email from Facebook or LinkedIn or Hotmail or any other site that asks you to press links to view messages or invitations?

It pays to think… Thinking before clicking would save you, your PC and most probably the company you work in a lot of hassle. Why you ask???… Simple.

Let me explain. The easiest way these days is to attack any PC via the human interaction element. Why should the hackers bother with spending hundreds of hours to find a possible opening when we the users present them with the easiest path?

Those hackers infect one or two sites with malware. Then they send mass (or targeted) emails like the ones mentioned above. One click without thinking and BAAAAM! You’re their prey. They’d have almost unstoppable access to your PC.

During the last month alone, such a technique was used to attack Twitter, FaceboDuring the last month alone, such a technique was used to
attack Twitter, Facebook, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

To make things worse, there are major flaws in the software we use. Java had a major security flaw that was being used to exploit the companies mentioned above. Now, Adobe PDF reader has a major flaw. Hint… DO NOT OPEN THOSE PDFs in emails you receive, especially if you do not know the sender… (More on that issue can be found on

Finally, I would like to mention a new initiative by the Lebanese government who has endorsed the importance of internet safety. The new site, contains very important tips for "National Internet Safety Lebanon". Keep up the good work!


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